BioFit Pop Up


Experience the science that trains our brain and body in a fun parent-daughter based session. In our own personal experience, we have seen the power of the mind-body connection. How little tweaks can drive big change. So this spring, we have partnered with BioFit to introduce our families to their Athlete’s Edge program.

In this one hour session, parents and players will experience BioFit’s Athlete’s Edge program. This is designed for all participants to experience mind-body connection that improves our movements, reduces injury and presents an opportunity to have some fun with mom or dad! 

The session addresses:

  • Athletic movement skill
  • Balance and Body Awareness
  • Skill and Strength training techniques
  • Reaction, Change of direction, and Speed development

Sunday, May 21
3 – 4 pm
@BioFit in Overland Park (map)
2nd-8th grade
$30/pair (Parent + Daughter)

About BioFit

At BioFit Therapy-Based Fitness, we want your young athlete to excel in their sport.

To accomplish that, athletes need training in the fundamentals of movement, speed, strength and skill. The problem is, who can you trust to train them and what is different at BioFit compared to all the rest?

We understand you don’t want just “Extra” workouts for your athlete. You want your athlete to compete well and stay injury free. That’s why we’ve built the Athletes Edge program utilizing the top brain and body science, and blend it with education and fun in every session.