All Girls Soccer Camp, in pictures

This past summer, we were overwhelmed (in a positive way) with the response to our soccer camp. Not only did we nearly double in size from the prior year, but the feedback we received around the Girls Empowerment piece reassured us – this is who we are. We are mentors, role models, and soccer coaches.

Looking back, I wanted to share some pictures to show how far we’ve come. This growth is largely because of our well-organized and professional training staff, as well as parents like you sharing your experience with your friends and including them on the fun by inviting them to future camps.

In our 6 years of camp, some things have changed. We’ve learned not to take camp picture on spirit day, for example. In 2016, there were so many campers that I could no longer coach, as someone had to be available to oversee the camp, coaches and campers. In 2018, in partnership with Athleta, we added in an Empowerment component to our camp, and have officially included Empowering Our Girls into everything we do. Also in 2018, we moved to a new location to accommodate all 140 kids. In 2019, we will offer two weeks of camp. Throughout the course of the year, we will offer a variety Empowerment Soccer Camps.

While we’ve seen a lot of changes as a result of our growth, some things haven’t changed. Our exclusive focus on training girls; only girls are allowed to participate in our camp, both campers and coaches! Our commitment to providing girls in Kansas City with a quality soccer camp experience led by our all-female coaching staff. Our desire to empower young girls, encouraging them to be brave, strong and powerful. Our passion of sharing our love of soccer with the next generation.

We always offer training groups for field players and for goalkeepers at our camps, and hope to see your daughter alongside us next time!

Thank you for supporting us, our mission and our vision.

By the numbers

2013: 13 players, 4 coaches
2018: 140 players, 25 coaches

2013 – Inaugural All Girls Soccer Camp

2014 – 2nd Annual All Girls Soccer Camp

2015 – 3rd Annual All Girls Soccer Camp

2016 – 4th Annual All Girls Soccer Camp

2017 – 5th Annual All Girls Soccer Camp

2018 – 6th Annual All Girls Soccer Camp