Providing soccer instruction to refugee girls

Finesse Soccer is honored and excited to announce our partnership with Global FC (futbol community). Through our partnership, we run soccer clinics for refugee girls in North East Kansas City. Many of these girls have never played soccer before, and have limited exposure to sports in general. This strikes the core of what we do, we want to provide young females with the skills and confidence to succeed – not just in soccer, but in life as well.

The first refugee girls clinic was a success by many measures! About 40 girls attended. The most telling indicator of success are the smiles we saw all day long. It was clear from the start that these girls yearn for any kind of mentoring and athletic outlet.

We offered skills training as they rotated through stations: dribbling, ball control, passing and finishing. We also offered anybody interested in playing goalkeeper with an introduction to it, training with Coach Laura Carley. After the sessions concluded, one of the young girls came up to her and said, “Can you teach me more?”.

We have plans to continue offering these clinics throughout the year, with a second clinic scheduled on August 12, 2017.

Click here (PDF) for more information about the Global FC Girls Soccer Program.

For information on how to get involved with Global FC or if you would like to make a donation (financial, equipment, or other), please contact Carrie.

The first refugee girls soccer clinic in Kansas City

Our first clinic was on June 10, 2017.  The goal of the clinic was to use soccer as a vehicle for health, wellness, mentorship and building relationships for girls often restricted from participating in extracurricular actives because of financial, social, cultural and religious obstacles. Around 40 attended the first clinic.

“For many youth in the North East Kansas City community, there are barriers to exposing them to sports or any developmental programing outside of their schools,” said Global FC founder Mariya D. Goodbrake. “For girls, this is especially true. There is a great need and an opportunity to engage these young women who lack exposure to activities and positive influences outside of their home and school. We hope to use soccer as a way to empower these girls to pursue their greatest potential.”

The clinic was 90 minutes packed with ball control drills, technical skills sessions and scrimmages followed by an inspirational talk from Finesse Soccer founder Carrie Robinson.

Founded in 2013, Global FC invests in the lives of refugee and migrant communities, supporting and celebrating their diversity with purpose. Dedicated to discovering and unleashing the value such communities bring to our nation, Global FC serves as a conduit for youth development, family empowerment and community transformation. Global FC has a strong youth boy’s program, but the camp also hopes to serve as an opportunity to create a girl’s program.

Finesse Soccer was created in 2010 and is a group of players-turned-trainers that share their love for the game with the next generation of young female soccer players and is the only female run training program in Kansas City.

Buy a tee, help a refugee

At the end of the clinic, each girl was given a soccer t-shirt with the word STRONGER – translated into every language in attendance. The girls were thrilled to have a soccer t-shirt, even more meaningful that their native language was represented as well. We grabbed the STRONGER from our slogan: We make players better and their teams stronger. These shirts are available for purchase, all proceeds are donated to the Global FC girls program.

A note from Global FC