Finesse Soccer | Soccer Moms Academy

The Finesse Soccer “Soccer Moms Academy” extends our soccer training and education services to soccer moms! Our goal is to provide soccer moms with soccer education, helping you become more informed (and if you’re up for it, more skillful!) in a fun and relaxed environment.

All our Soccer Moms Academy courses are run by Finesse Soccer founder Carrie Robinson. Carrie is a mom of two (two kids under 5!) and well respected coach and player.

Sessions are meant to empower women through classroom sessions and on field sessions.

Classroom Sessions

Objective: educate moms about the game of soccer through an interactive discussion.

Topics: soccer overview, basic rules, basic strategy, how to “watch” soccer for greater enjoyment, how to be a good soccer parent.

On-field Sessions

Objective: teach basic soccer skills through a “training session” so moms can be an active participant at home, playing soccer with her kiddo(s)

Topics: basic dribbling skills, passing skills and fun drills designed to reinforce skills, and also, great things to do at home with your kiddo(s)!

Soccer 101 – basic soccer skills for women who have never played, or as a refresher.
Soccer 102 – more advanced soccer skills for women who want to improve their existing skills. This includes women playing in leagues.

Want to learn more?

We are in the process of formalizing our Soccer Mom offerings and want to hear from you! What days work best? What times work best? How often should we offer this? If you could take a quick moment to fill out our survey, we would greatly appreciate it! Just 6 easy questions…