Stronger Together



"Thank you Carrie Fry Robinson for another amazing Finesse event!!! Mom and daughter soccer and strength workout. My daughter said it was her “new” favorite part of the weekend.
Thanks for helping us win the Mom game!"
- Jennifer
Finesse Mom

Program Details

Sunday, February 9

Let your daughter “show off” her skills and knowledge during our group warm-up, where Coach Carrie will lead participants through a series of fun soccer skills while getting the heart rate up. No experience is necessary. This is meant to be a time where your daughter can be the teacher, and you can beam with pride watching her do her thing, while trying it yourself. 

Afterwards, we’ll split into two groups: moms in one, athletes in another.

  • Athletes will work with a Strength and Conditioning coach going through a series of dynamic warm ups, exercises and stretches designed to improve strength, power and technique needed in the game of soccer.
  • Moms will be working with an Exercise Physiologist going through a fun circuit workout designed for any fitness level that will burn calories, engage muscles and improve flexibility and range of motion!

No experience necessary!  

Space is limited. Additional players may be added for $20/player.

Ages 8 and up. Please register for the appropriate time based on your daughter’s age. If we do not have enough participants for two separate groups, we will merge into one.