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Finesse @Home Zoom Information

Tips for a successful session

*Computers and tablets provide the best user experience on Zoom. Mobile phones will work, but please note that customization is more limited.*

You’ll need a clear area (doesn’t need to be big), free of objects, for the session. Be prepared with your soccer ball and 4 “markers” (anything to use as a cone)

2) Upon entering the session, please change the display name to your daughter’s name. You should be able to click on the 3 dots and then change display name, or double click “participants” and then “rename”. This will help us know who’s training so we can provide feedback to as many players as possible.

3) Pin the coach as the main video image (instructions here). This helps participants because the coach’s window becomes larger, thus making the coach’s movements easier to see, and it also helps participants focus just one video compared to the gallery view.

4) If possible, try to be inside and/or close to the router. You could experience video issues depending on your internet connection and download speed.

5) Consider putting your dog outside if he loves soccer like mine.

Meeting IDs

These are the Meeting IDs for our Finesse @Home sessions on Zoom. Meeting passwords are sent via email. This will not happen immediately upon registration, please be patient as we work through the logistics. If you have not received your password, please email us carrie@finessesoccer.com.

Meeting ID:  531-437-727

Lunch – Meeting ID: 
Advanced – Meeting ID: 222-811-465

Lunch – Meeting ID:  133-219-353
Advanced – Meeting ID: 495-530-237