Girls are strong.
Girls are brave.
Girls are powerful.

We believe in developing strong, confident girls through soccer skills training.

Sports are about more than winning and losing. Sure, being good at something can make it more fun. But what’s more, is that real life skills are taught through sports. We believe that providing the right kind of instruction to young girls is crucial in developing long term athletes, which correlates directly with healthier lifestyles, greater confidence and better well-being.

"Girls and women who play sports
have a more positive body image
and experience higher states
of psychological well-being
than girls and women who
do not play sports."

- Women's Sports Foundation

Upcoming training opportunities

Fall Skills & Empowerment Camp

October 13-14, 2018
Ages 6-14

Goalkeeper Camp

October 13-14, 2018
Beginner & Intermediate Groups

Winter Soccer Camps

Tuesdays beginning in November
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Athleta + Finesse Soccer

We’ve partnered with Athleta to celebrate girl power! Check out the video highlighting our in-store skills session in April 2018.

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Goalkeeper Academy

Private & Buddy Field Player Sessions
Private Goalkeeper Sessions


Prairie Village, KS
Overland Park, KS
Parkville, MO

Who is Finesse Soccer?
We are…

  • Girls Soccer in Kansas City

    Our mission at Finesse Soccer is to empower girls through soccer training and mentorship.

    We want to train, educate and inspire the next generation of soccer players in Kansas City by sharing our experiences as female soccer players, and lending our expertise in skills development and soccer IQ.

  • Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers

    We are a group of 13 players-turned-trainers who want to share our love of the game with the next generation of young female soccer players. We all played collegiately, many of us are from the Kansas City metro area and represented high schools such as SM East, SM West, BV Northwest, BV North, BV High, Blue Springs and O’Hara. We are State Champions. We are All Americans. We are Scholarship Athletes. We are Award Winners. We are passionate about soccer.

  • A soccer family

    We are a soccer family, truly passionate about your daughter succeeding in her soccer career. We want to give your daughter a positive soccer coaching experience that she can take back to her team and leverage in team practices and games.

  • Role models for your daughter

    Never had a female coach before? Most of us didn’t, either. After years of playing, we have moved on to our professional careers but still have the love of soccer beating passionately inside of us. Our training staff represents a variety of successful women in our community. In our day jobs, we are financial analysts, scientists, engineers, nurses, entrepreneurs and account executives. Nights and weekends, we are kids at heart who still love having a soccer ball at our feet. Want to give your daughter a positive role model who will not only care about her soccer development, but will also show her how to love a sport and be successful later in life? Let us be your partner in that endeavor.