Girls are strong.
Girls are brave.
Girls are powerful.

We believe in developing strong, confident girls through soccer skills training.

Sports are about more than winning and losing. Sure, being good at something can make it more fun. But what’s more, is that real life skills are taught through sports. We believe that providing the right kind of instruction to young girls is crucial in developing long term athletes, which correlates directly with healthier lifestyles, greater confidence and better well-being.

"Girls and women who play sports
have a more positive body image
and experience higher states
of psychological well-being
than girls and women who
do not play sports."

- Women's Sports Foundation

What’s going on…

Upcoming Soccer Classes, Camps and Clinics

Winter Skills Clinics and Goal Scoring Clinics

Train on Tuesday nights indoors this winter.

Groups for 2nd-5th grade, 6th-8th grade

High School Preseason Clinic

January 1 – February 19

Goalkeeper Academy

Begins or Nov. 13 or Jan. 1
Beginner, Intermediate & HS Groups

Who is Finesse Soccer?

We are women, coaches, (and some of us) moms. Engineers, entrepreneurs, nurses, financial planners, account executives. Positive role models, mentors.

Meet the women who make up the Finesse Soccer training staff.

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