How is Finesse Soccer Camp different?

How is Finesse Soccer Camp different?

Brave. Strong. Powerful.

Those are the 3 core values we instill at every player at our camps. Through discussions, guest speakers, interactive activities and on-field real-life examples, we tell every girl every day that she is brave, strong and powerful. Why? 

Because when you hear something enough times, you start to believe it, too.

Our soccer camps are more than teaching soccer. Yes, we have a clear sight of technical and tactical skills required at each age and soccer stage. Beyond that, life skills and empowerment discussions are woven into our camp curriculum. Because we are moms too, we have a pretty good idea of what young girls might want and need to hear at different ages and stages. 

Our curriculum evolves year to year to keep it fresh for returning campers. My team and I put a lot of thought into designing a camp curriculum that will instill a love of the game, emphasizing the power of positive self-talk and of course, actual technical and tactical teachings. 

Campers leave our camps more skillful and more confident, believing that they too are brave, strong and powerful – and they can make a difference. 

We talk about what that looks like both on and off the field, infusing the belief that girls can do anything – from taking a defender on 1v1 to standing up to a bully. 

We keep group numbers at camp small so that our coaching staff has every opportunity to engage with each player and get to know them through the week. Check the website for capacity limits and available space.

See you on the pitch!

Coach Carrie