A letter from our founder

Dear Finesse Soccer families,

Carrie Robinson here, founder and director of Finesse Soccer. Like you, I have kids. I know time is at a premium. I know that time spent engaging in meaningful activities – for both adults and kids – seems to pack more punch than other daily tasks.

I’m going go keep this short and sweet. We have our sights set on making 2019 an absolutely epic year for players in our program and I hope you are able to be a part of it.

In our eight years, our team has grown, my role has evolved, but most importantly, our vision has become crystal clear:

Shape a community where girls of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels have the opportunity to play.

As many of you know, we do not have teams. We are a soccer community. We are not in the “business” of club soccer. We love operating without the pressures of wins and losses, tryouts, the bottom line, etc. We can truly put all of our effort into player skill and personal development by developing meaningful programs that benefit the young girls in our community.

That said, our focus is purely on

  • empowering young girls through skills training and mentorship
  • celebrating your daughters’ success and growth, and
  • emphasizing soccer as a healthy and impactful outlet for fun

We know our MO

  • Our Vision: Shape a community where girls of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels have the opportunity to play.
  • Our Mission: Provide girls the coaching, motivation, and encouragement to develop their confidence and improve their game.
  • Our Promise: Treat every girl like the strong, brave and powerful person she was born to be.

In future emails, you’ll continue to receive program registration announcements, plus a new monthly message “Center Circle” where we’ll be answering common questions, sharing our perspectives on relevant youth soccer related trends and highlighting opportunities for you in our Finesse Soccer community. Be sure to check out our latest blog post that shares some of our most memorable moments from 2018.

We are working hard to create programs that benefit young girls in Kansas City. If you have an idea for something you would like to see, or something more personalized we can offer you and a group of friends, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

If you have anything you’d like addressed in the Center Circle message or would like to chat about something else, please reply to this email or call me anytime: (913) 777-9255.

Play on,

Carrie Robinson
Founder & Director, Finesse Soccer