Athleta + Finesse Soccer partnership

People say "everything happens for a reason." I'm a firm believer in that.

Back in 2010 when I started Finesse Soccer, I wanted to give girls something they didn't necessarily have access to: a female coach. Our program grew over the years through word of mouth, and this past year, we had that "aha" moment. We are more than just skills trainers. We are role models. We are here on this Earth to empower girls and help them fall in love with soccer, just as we did when we were kids. And for those families needing some assistance, we provide scholarships so that nothing holds back these girls from being their best.

In March 2018, Mechelle at Athleta-Leawood reached out to me to discuss a potential partnership. After our first meeting, we both felt this was "meant to be." Athleta's mission is "to ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to reach their limitless potential. We believe alone we are strong, but united we thrive; bringing this to life through the Power of She campaign."

At Finesse Soccer, young soccer players are at the heart of what we do. Our belief system is a reflection of our dedication to empowering young girls through soccer skills training and mentorship. We believe: Girls are strong. Girls are brave. Girls are powerful.

Teaming up with Athleta was a natural fit. Our brands both recognize and honor the power of girls and women - united we thrive, indeed! As a female owned and operated soccer training academy designed specifically for young girls, we strive to empower girls to reach their highest potential. We do this not only through our skills programs and camps, but also by developing positive coaching relationships with players in our programs, and encouraging them to be their best. We talk openly about what is means to be strong, brave and powerful.

With Athleta sponsoring our spring programs and summer camp, we provided over 200 participants with free Athleta bags and goodies. Additionally, Athleta provided 23 camper awards for our summer camp, so we could honor one player from each group who embodies the Athleta and Finesse Soccer spirit. Their contributions were greatly appreciated!

This partnership kicked off in April 2018. Hours of planning and "what if" scenarios went into the design of the in-store event. All done by the women at Finesse Soccer and Athleta. Together, we radiate the #powerofshe.

Finally, I'll leave you with some parting words. We cannot be reminded of this enough: Girls are strong. Girls are brave. Girls are powerful.