GOOD WORKS: Harvesters

GOOD WORKS: Harvesters

Volunteering at Harvesters

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Good Works community service project at Harvesters! Volunteering and giving back to our communities is a huge part of Finesse Soccer. In 2018, we donated over 75 hours as a staff. This year, we wanted to include the greater Finesse community - what a turnout we had for our first event!

As you can see, we were the assembly line for the Harvesters BackSnack program which provides a weekly backpack filled with nutritious, child-friendly food for schoolchildren to take home over the weekend. More than 100,000 children in Harvesters' service area receive free and reduced-price school meals during the week, and many of those are at risk of hunger on weekends.

Players and Finesse staff manned the assembly lined and we were supported by parents who helped replenish when the fulfillment boxes ran low. Without volunteers, Harvesters would have to hire an additional 92 full time employees.

Our supervisor said he expected our group to fill maybe 750 bags in the 2 hours. We made 1505 bags! Never underestimate the power of working together and a strong, supportive group who has fun being together.