How we empower girls through soccer

How we empower girls through soccer

It's important to us that each player leaves our soccer camps feeling good about themselves as a person and as a soccer player. Not only do we teach soccer skills at camps, but we feel compelled to encourage the girls to promote kindness, embrace self-love and find ways to pick each other up.

During each of our seasonal camps, we provide soccer skills training and interactive empowerment activities. You won't find this at any other soccer camp in the Kansas City area.
At our 2018 Fall Skills & Empowerment Camp, each session was split between soccer skills and an interactive empowerment activity. After the skills training portion of soccer camp, players were with their coaches and created Finesse Ribbons.

Here's how it worked. Every player got one ribbon for each player in their group. They would take turns telling every person in their group something they like about them. For some, this was sharing positive compliments to complete strangers. The girls responded really well to this activity, you could see smiles as they approached their group-mates and shared nice things about one another.

After everyone had a turn, players now had a ribbon representing each compliment they received. We then tied them in a knot and they could affix them to their soccer bags as a visual reminder that they are awesome, and other people see it too!