Parent/Daughter "Tekkers" Soccer Clinic

Parent/Daughter "Tekkers" Soccer Clinic

Parent/daughter soccer clinic

We've heard from parents wanting more opportunities to learn about soccer, including learning the "how to play" portion of the game. And you know what? We are here for it!

Join Coach Carrie on the field with your daughter at our upcoming Tekkers Clinic. "Tekkers" is a term used to describe someone's technique. So if someone has "tekkers", it's a cool way of saying they've got good technique. Technique is the basis for playing and enjoying the game.

Our upcoming on-field session is suitable for any daughter/parent duo, no previous experience required. This will be an active session designed to teach how to dribble, pass and receive, so bring your sneakers and get ready for some fun! This is a non-contact session so no need to worry, we should all be able to walk the next day.

You'll walk away having had fun with your kiddo, sharing their love and you'll also have some additional insights on how to help them further their skills. They'll feel good showing you their skills and maybe even teaching you a thing or two!

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