Player Spotlight - Danielle Lamb

D has been training weekly with Finesse Soccer since spring of 2017, when she was 8. Not only is she an extremely hard worker, but she's always got a smile on her face! Her dedication to getting better at soccer and her love for the game make her an absolute delight to work with. On the coldest and wettest days, D never cancels a session...she wants to train no matter what!
What's your name?

Danielle Lamb

Any nicknames?

Big D or D

How old are you?


What number do you wear? Any particular reason why?

I wear number 1. I have worn this number since I began playing soccer.

What position do you play?


How long have you played soccer?

I have played since I was 3 years old.

What city do you live in?

Shawnee, Kansas

What team/club/coach/school do you play for?

I play for KC Fusion, United Metro and my coach is Danielle.

What is your favorite thing about training with Finesse?

I love my coach Miss Michaella.

How has training with Finesse helped you?

It has helped me be more confident while on the field. It has made me a better player for my team.

Tell us about why you wanted to start training with Finesse.

I attended a camp and really liked it. I also wanted to improve my soccer skills.

What is your favorite thing about soccer?

Being able to have fun with my teammates and I love how I feel when I score a goal for my team.

Who is your all-time favorite athlete (any sport)?

Alex Morgan

What is something you like to do in your free time?

Playing with my brothers and sisters and my friends. I also like to practice juggling.

If you had a song that played as you walked onto the pitch, what would it be?

Thunder by Imagine Dragons.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Stretching and doing warm ups.

Any superstitions?

I do not feel right if I am not wearing number 1 on my back.

Please share some honors and awards you’ve earned!

I have won medals and trophies for tournaments with my teammates. I have been assigned team captain at several games.

What advice would you share with younger players?

Never give up and keep trying.

Who do you look up to and why?

I want to be like Alex Morgan, because she is a really good soccer player, a great teammate and she seems really nice.

What are your goals as a player, both short term and long term?

Short term I want to improve my skill set on the field. Long term, I want to get a scholarship to play soccer at Kansas State University. GO WILDCATS!