Soccer camp tips

Summer is almost here, which means camp season is about to be in full swing! We've listed some tips for players coming to our soccer camp. Please feel free to add your thoughts or something we missed in the comments below!
Before camp...

  • break in soccer shoes, if they're new

What to wear/bring

  • INSULATED water bottle
  • Clearly labeled soccer ball
  • Shinguards
  • Turf shoes or cleats. Sneakers are acceptable
  • Sunscreen
  • Athletic clothes - light colors (white) are cooler in the hot summer months!
  • Labeled backpack or bag to keep all your goodies together
  • Healthy snack

Tricks for staying cool

  • INSULATED water bottle(s). Pro tip: fill a 2 liter bottle with water and stick it in the freezer. Leave a 4-5 inches of space at the top. After it's frozen, have a grownup cut the top off (this is where the 4-5 inches of space comes in). Now you have a gigantic ice cube! Place this inside your insulated water bottle, and your water will stay colder longer.
  • A small cooler with ice and wash cloth
  • Water spray fan
  • Wear light colors

Tips for young children at soccer camp

  • Consider packing a healthy snack
  • Shinguards can be uncomfortable for some (my 5 year old hates them). They make soccer socks with built in shinguards, which seem to be more comfortable than the traditional ones with the strap under the foot and around the calf.