Training female coaches from Saudi Arabia

Training female coaches from Saudi Arabia

In September, we had the opportunity to work with a group of women from Saudi Arabia who came to the US through a program called FHi360. While they were in the US, they spent a week in Kansas City, getting their coaching certifications from United Soccer Coaches.

FHi360 reached out to us to see if we could supplement their training, and give them hands on experience working with girls. This falls fully in line with what we do (empowering girls through soccer), but this time, we had the pleasure of imprinting our style and philosophy with other COACHES who then would bring what they learned here back to the players they coach in Saudi Arabia. It is truly humbling to think that young girls in Saudi Arabia could benefit from what their coaches learned from us.

The program was a huge success and we look forward to see what these amazing women do back home! They shadowed Finesse Soccer Founder & Director Carrie Robinson at a team training session; and the following evening, we setup a free clinic for the girls of Global FC where the Saudi coaches ran the sessions themselves.

It was incredible seeing all the positive energy bustling about the sessions!

On a personal note, I truly enjoyed getting a glimpse into these women's lives in Saudi Arabia. After the Global FC clinic, I joined the coaches for dinner. We had an eye opening conversation about the struggle for freedom women face in Saudi Arabia. These women are all brave, putting themselves in a position to better themselves, but also risking danger back home in doing so.

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