We've got company!

As part of a State Department initiative, a group of 12 women from Saudi Arabia are coming to the US (Kansas City and D.C.) for a week of coaching certifications and training. In Kansas City, they’ll be gain coaching instruction, training, and certifications from United Soccer Coaches...and Finesse Soccer.

It is truly humbling to be asked to help empower soccer coaches who will be the first female soccer coaches in their country, and who will be coaching the first generation of female soccer players there.

These women are coming to the US to learn how to be soccer coaches, and to use soccer as a non-political force to bring people together.

To supplement their programming, we have put together two events for them to experience an all-female training environment and see what it looks like, in turn, to empower young girls in the sport.

On Thursday Sept 6, the visiting coaches will shadow Carrie at a team training session with an 06 team. They’ll arrive early and get the ins and outs of the session. Afterwards, we’ll head to dinner for some pizza and fellowship.

On Friday, we have organized a clinic for our partners and friends, the refugee girls at Global FC. The visiting coaches will take part in planning and will coach side-by-side with the Finesse Soccer staff during this free clinic for Global FC. This is a win-win, with the refugee girls getting access to more Finesse Soccer skills training, and the coaches get exposure to working with girls in a first hand environment. Be sure to follow along at the sessions next week!