Which is the best soccer club in Kansas City

Which is the best soccer club in Kansas City

There are so many soccer clubs and teams in kansas city. So, which one is the best?

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this, I would be off on a private island, playing soccer on a perfect pitch with views of the ocean.

Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get it. This comes up A LOT. And, rightfully so. With so many options for young players to choose from, with each club promoting its benefits on why it’s the best soccer club in Kansas City, I can completely understand why parents want someone to just tell them which club is best. And I’m here to tell you…unfortunately, there is no “best” club.

Don’t get me wrong. There are many incredible coaches in Kansas City, helping their teams navigate challenges on and off the soccer field. Several come to mind. The problem is, not one club has all the best coaches. Which leads me to my first point in how to choose the right soccer club…

Choose a Club Based On The Coach, Not The Club Name

Back in the day before soccer clubs were big business, Kansas City had a plethora of independent teams. When I think back on when I played soccer here in the 1990s, there were one or two “clubs” (mostly just for boys teams), and the rest of us played for independent teams. Neighborhood teams. Some of us got lucky and landed a great coach; my team was one of them, winning multiple state championships with Coach Gags Pritchard at the helm. Others didn’t have the coaching prowess we did, but nonetheless, players still played – because it was fun. Because playing soccer made them feel good. Because they were able to play without pressure of making too many mistakes and getting cut from the team at age 10.

Fast forward to today, players are quitting at alarming rates. A study of young athletes found that from 2008-2013, 600,000 soccer players flat out quit soccer; 2.3 million youth overall stopped playing sports. Go ahead, read that again. Let that sink in. As parents, we need to find a way to cut through the advertising clutter and selling of the dream to play on a top team or prominent club, and shift our mindsets to getting our daughter on a team where she will flourish, not flounder.

I encourage you to find a situation that will allow your daughter to play at the highest level *she wants* that supports her to grow and have fun. Clubs across the city will tell you what you want to hear. Bottom line, soccer should be fun. If it’s not, I can almost guarantee your daughter will want to quit. Let’s put her in the best position to have fun and be in a team environment that she will want to stay engaged in and reap the long-term benefits of being a participant in youth sports.

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About Coach Carrie

Coach Carrie Robinson is the founder and director of Finesse Soccer. She coached two girls teams from 2008-2016, choosing to “retire” from the club soccer scene after she became pregnant with her second child so she could spend more time with her family and her other baby, Finesse Soccer.  

Carrie holds several coaching licenses including Advanced National Diploma, USSF “D” License, and the Urban Soccer Diploma. She is also a certified coaching instructor for United Soccer Coaches.

In February, Carrie was honored with the 2019 WIN for KC “Game Changer Award” for the impact she is making on young players on and off the field in Kansas City. You can read more about Carrie here.